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Sell Sheets for Board Games (a very brief overview)

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

Header - Sell Sheets for Board Games (a very brief overview)

An example sell sheet for John Brieger's 'Stir The Cauldron'

What is a sell sheet?

A sell sheet is a way to quickly and effectively communicate your game design to a publisher.

Why you need a sell sheet

Publishers need to be able to assess your game without having to read the full game rules.

How to make a sell sheet

A sell sheet should include the following information:

  • Name of the game

  • Player count

  • Play time

  • Recommended age

  • Short description of the game setting and mechanisms (1 paragraph of 2-4 sentences)

  • 1-5 USPs/Features

  • Photos or images of the game in play

  • Photos or images of any unique features of the game

  • A full component count

  • Your contact details

  • Any other relevant details (such as awards the game has won or other designs you have published)

A sell sheet should NOT include:

  • A full description of how to play the game

  • Lots of text and no images

Where to learn more

Here are some more articles about sell sheets:

Here are some examples of some sell sheets

Images on Pinterest (Curated by John Brieger)

Note: This post focuses on sell sheets to communicate between board game designers and board game publishers. Sometimes sell sheets will be used to communicate from publisher to distributor/retailer. Whilst a lot of the advice here remains relevant, it does not cover everything and probably requires a different article to cover it in full.

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