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Pioneer Rails Earns Seal of Approval with an 8/10 Score from Dice Tower Reviewers

We are thrilled to share the exciting news that Pioneer Rails, the railroad expansion flip &

write game, has received the prestigious Seal of Approval from Dice Tower reviewers Zee Garcia and Chris Yi. The game achieved an impressive score of 8/10 from both reviewers.

Dice Tower Seal of Approval image

Dice Tower's Seal of Approval:

The Dice Tower, perhaps of the most well known board game review networks, is recognised for its thorough and unbiased assessments of tabletop games.

Pioneer Rails underwent rigorous scrutiny, and we are delighted to announce that it not only met but exceeded the expectations of the Dice Tower team.

What impressed Zee and Chris?

Innovative Gameplay: Pioneer Rails offers a unique and engaging Flip & Write experience. Zee said "I like the flow of the game, I like the feel of it. It has a great tension"

Chris said "There's a lot of tension in such a simple game" and both praised the innovative way that Pioneer Rails gives players multiple things to consider from just one playing card in the way that the suit and the value are used in different ways.

Frontier Theme: Set against the backdrop of the Old West, Pioneer Rails immerses players in expanding their railroad empires. Chris and Zee both complimented the thematic elements of each of the features that players will be connecting and scoring in the game.

Even more to explore: Chris had high praise for the solo mode and rules variants included in the game, which tweak the game to keep it fresher for longer, whilst Zee praised the additional maps and mini expansions included:

Final thoughts from Chris and Zee:

"I'm coming down at an 8 for this one. I enjoy it, it's a fun game, it's vibrant, it's pretty easy to play. This is one I can wholeheartedly recommend. I can see myself playing this one for a long time" - Zee Garcia

"I'm right there with you, I'm giving this an 8 as well because that little bit of flavour with the mix of poker and the Wild West really elevates it. I like it a lot" - Chris Yi

You can check out the full review here:

Want to Experience Pioneer Rails yourself?

Pioneer Rails is available for pre-order on the our web shop. Whether you're a seasoned board gamer or new to the world of tabletop adventures, Pioneer Rails promises hours of strategic fun and an immersive journey into the frontier.

Our thoughts on the Pioneer Rails review:

The Seal of Approval from Dice Tower Reviewers is a testament to the quality Pioneer Rails brings to the table. This is a huge achievement for designers Matthew Dunstan and Jeffrey D. Allers. Thanks to Matt and Jeff for trusting us to make your game!

We're also very thankful to the Kickstarter backers who helped make Pioneer Rails a reality by supporting us on Kickstarter.

Don't miss out on the excitement—grab your copy of Pioneer Rails and expand your railway network across the Old West today!

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