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Pioneer Rails

Designed by Matthew Dunstan and Jeffrey D. Allers |

Art by Javier 'Inkgolem' Gonzalez Cava

Pioneer Rails is an Flip and Write game set in the Old West. 

Draft Poker cards to build a poker hand and extend your train lines across the map, connecting features and scoring points

1-80 Players | 45 Minutes | Ages 10+

Pioneer Rails box


In Pioneer Rails, you represent a railroad owner who has seen an opportunity to expand your empire across the new lands of the frontier.


You'll compete against other railroad owners to plan your railway in the best way possible to connect establishments to the railroad and satisfy the demands of the locals.

PR layout
PR in play
Pioneer Rails sheet - closeup


Deluxe Content - Only available directly from Dranda Games

Get a whole new set of maps (the Forest maps), along with new goal cards for even more replayability

2 mini expansions

  • The Jokers give a powerful ability but can only be used once per game

  • The Company Owners give all players a special ability each round.

and also get the deluxe dealer token!


Pioneer Rails Essential Edition contents

How to Play

Want to Learn Pioneer Rails by watching a video? Learn to play with this tutorial and playthrough, filmed live

Would you rather read the rulebook? You can find the official English language rulebook on BoardGameGeek.

Find the rulebooks online here!



Pioneer Rails is now available to pre-order.

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