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Isle of Trains: All Aboard gains steam* with even more accolades

*how many train puns can we fit into one blog post?

After the success of the Kickstarter campaign, which had over 4,500 backers and raised over £120,000 / $140,000, Isle of Trains: All Aboard has gone from strength to strength, gaining critical acclaim and becoming one of the top sellers for our US distributor when it was released in the summer.

Next Stop: Awards

Now, Isle of Trains: All Aboard continues the journey to success by being awarded the Dice Tower Seal of Excellence in their recent review and Tabletop Gaming Magazine’s ‘must play’ status in Issue 84 of Tabletop Gaming Magazine. These awards add to the growing collection of honours including a UK Games Expo award and critical acclaim from other reviewers such as The Broken Meeple, who gave the game a Distinction award.

The Dice Tower Seal of Excellence

Arguably one of the most recognisable awards in Tabletop Gaming, the Dice Tower Seal of Excellence is reserved for the best of the best. The Dice Tower Network is one of the most well-known and highly regarded reviewer networks and they review more games than any other reviewer, with very few of those games receiving the Seal of Excellence.

Isle of Trains: All Aboard receiving the Seal of Excellence is a particularly exciting moment for us at Dranda Games as it’s the first of our games to receive the award (but hopefully not the last!).

Here are a few things the Dice Tower team had to say about Isle of Trains: All Aboard:

“The fact that you can load other player’s trains is an unbelievably cool mechanism”

“This is one of the best filler games I’ve played in a long time”

“I appreciate that it’s a good amount of game in a small little box”

You can see the full review here:

Join us for the ride?

If that’s piqued your interest then what are you waiting for! You can buy Isle of Trains: All Aboard in our web shop and find out what all the fuss is about

The Dice Tower Seal of Excellence logo is a trademark of The Dice Tower, LLC and is used with permission.

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