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Highly Thematic
Whether you decide to focus on building up a crew, fighting off Resistance forces, or building the Sphere itself, you’ll find that each aspect of Solar Sphere is highly immersive and thematic.

Multi-Use Drones
Your fleet of drones is the backbone of your command centre. They're used for multiple purposes, including building the Sphere and fighting the Resistance, So manage them wisely!

Crew Morale
Your crew morale increases as you achieve objectives. But at some point, you’ll want to call in favours from the Corporation to help you achieve your goals. By when you do, your crew morale will go down. Managing crew morale and calling in favours at the right time is the key to success.

Solo Mode

The Solo mode uses an AI system to imitate a second player. The AI represents an autonomous opponent that will occupy locations, hire crew, build the sphere and fight the Resistance. 

It has been designed with minimal upkeep and maximum impact, with 3 difficulty levels to suit all skill levels. 

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The Jonny Pac

5th Player Expansion
A fifth captain enters the fray in a bid to build the Solar Sphere. Everything you need to play the game at 5 players!

Androids Expansion
Install advanced android control units into your command centre to deploy special androids. Androids are stationed at locations and give remote access to the upgraded version of that location!

White Dwarf Expansion
Survey the next potential star for a future Solar Sphere. The binary system’s White Dwarf! Gain bonuses as you work to further The Corporation's cause.