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The Solar Sphere Expansions box contains the White Dwarf and Corporation Robots modules, and additional components to support a fifth player.

With the construction of Solar Sphere #1 underway, The Corporation has set its sights on a nearby White Dwarf. You can now choose to survey the White Dwarf to gain valuable resources and opportunities. The White Dwarf expansion adds a unique rondel mechanism, where you can chose to move a meeple up to the value of your die, or if you have upgraded the White Dwarf location, you can move two meeples for extra rewards!

The Corporate Robots expansion adds a set of cards and meeples that act as remote access to worker locations. Install the cards into your command centre and deploy the meeple robots to locations to fully upgrade that location's power! You can then access that location from your command centre.

A fifth player can also now join the table with all the components needed to do so.

Are you ready to expand the Solar Sphere?

Solar Sphere Expansions Box

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