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As the company grows more industrious and innovative, life gets more interesting. Well-developed departments grow more prosperous, and oft-used technologies become increasingly efficient. Welcome to the age of Advancements!

The Advancements expansion for Galactic Cruise includes several modules, which may be played individually or in any combination with one another.

The Cabin-Matching module includes 48 blueprints. Instead of having half-cabins in the middle of each segment, these blueprints have half-cabins in one of three places–left, center, or right–on their tops and bottoms. In order to build a segment into a shuttle, it must make a full cabin with other previously-installed segments.


The Advanced Technologies module introduces upgradeable versions of the technology tiles. Each technology now has a technology track along the bottom that determines the level of its ability. Each technology starts with its ability being the same as in the base game, but can eventually become better.

The Advanced Locations module upgrades the locations throughout the game when a certain number of developments have been built. When a location is upgraded, it grants bonuses to players based on how many Developments they've built adjacent to that location.


There are also new Agenda Cards, new Upgrade Tokens, a new Cockpit and Engine tile, and 2 new Expert Worker Tiles. Go forth, you innovators, and advance!

Galactic Cruise: Advancements (Expansion 1)

£25.00 Regular Price
£19.00Sale Price
Expected to ship January 2025
  • VAT is included in the price for the UK and all EU countries.

    This product is a pre order and will not deliver until 2025

  • Please note that this is an expansion and that the base game is required.

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