Simon Milburn's Musings #1

Join Simon in a discussion of the 'Eureka' moments that make up his board game design career.

Hi everyone, I’ve been considering writing a blog for Dranda Games and what I should put into it. This endeavour has actually turned out to be a pretty daunting task. Sitting down and thinking about what to write about is a lot harder than it seems. I’ve played with a few ideas such as: interviewing local designers; satirical board game news; even the idea of a vlog, and nothing seems to quite fit. That’s not to say that any of these won’t come to fruition, I’ve already written one of the satirical board game news ‘articles’ so look out for ‘REAL board game news’ coming soon. That's unless I change the title, but I’m sure you’ll know it when you see it. Anyway, that last rambling sentence actually brings me on to my next point, and kind of helps to explain the idea for this blog.

You see, we can never really control when inspiration hits, at least that’s true for me. Last week I was almost late for work when I realised that I’d been in the shower 10 minutes longer than usual because I’d been thinking about the solution to a game design problem that I’d forgotten about, for a game I’m not currently working on (with the focus being on Tinmates right now). So, to make my random moments of creativity seem like they’re on purpose, I’ve created this blog.

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Actual image of me coming up with the best board game ever in the shower[/caption]

A blog is born - Simon Milburn's Musings

Welcome to Simon Milburn’s Musings. I’ll share these thoughts with you, my (adoring) audience and discuss my opinion on board games I’ve played, the board game community, my design problems (and hopefully some solutions), as well as some updates on current games.

I can’t promise that it’ll be structured, I can’t even promise it’ll be useful, and I definitely can’t promise it’ll be well written, but it’ll be a start. And the longer it goes on, the more useful it’ll (hopefully) be. So join me on my journey, and together we’ll work out what’s going on in my head...


So where do your best ideas come from? I know I'm not the only one to get these 'Eureka' moments so when does inspiration hit you? Let us know on Twitter @DrandaGames

Next Musing (Link coming soon)

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